Students and Parents


For Our Students

On behalf of the staff and your fellow students of Genesis Learning Centers we want to welcome you.  We are very pleased that you are able to attend one of our School Program.  Some of you are new students, others are returning.  In either case, we are glad you are here.

These unique schools were created to serve young people, like you, who have experienced difficult times in school and/or home.  These difficulties may be related to learning, emotional hardships, and/or behavior issues.  Our goal is to provide you with a positive learning environment to help you grow and become successful in school, work, and home.  By the end of the school year, we want you to know that you are able to learn new things, that you can control your behaviors, and that you are a positive, capable person who has the potential to be a successful, happy person.

For Our Parents

Being the parent of a child with special or unique needs and difficulties is not easy. There are many worries, fears, and concerns for your child at school, at home, and in the neighborhood. You want your child safe, you want your child to learn, and you want your child to be successful. At Genesis, we want these same things for each of our students, your children.  Because we share this dream with you, we should not be left alone to educate your child, we need you.  When it comes to your child, you are the expert and we need your support and input. 

To facilitate open and continuing communication with our parents all Genesis Programs send home a Weekly Summary every Friday providing an overview of your child's week.  We try to call and meet with parents on a regular basis to share successes and to determine ways we can assist you and how you, the parent, can assist us in doing the best for your child.  We also encourage our parents to call when they may have questions or concerns and when there are issues at home that may affect their child at school. Together, we can make a difference in your child's school success.

We believe our students are precious gifts for the future. We have been chosen to be the bearers of these prized possessions that are placed in our care for us to nurture, cherish, and protect. No task is greater nor more prestigious than to care of for God's unique and special children.