Genesis Homebound Education Services


Genesis Homebound Education Services has been part of the Nashville and Middle Tennessee education community for over 20 years. Our homebound services provide academic support in a non-school setting for general and special education students who may be hospital bound, health impaired, pregnant, or suspended exceptional education students enrolled in the Public School Systems of Nashville‑Davidson County and Rutherford County. These students will range in age from three years through twenty-two years and range in functional abilities varying from gifted to multiply handicapped.  Academic services provided by Genesis Learning Centers will vary from pre-academic and self-help skills through advanced academic placement.

Direct Educational Services

This student service as specified in each student's IEP involves direct interaction with the homebound teacher and the student. This is provided at the child's home or other location specified and approved by the school system. All contacts are summarized and documented in the child's IEP.  At the minimum, three hours of instructional service are provided each week. Typically, the instruction takes place in two 1.5 hour sessions. However, given each student's individual needs and capacities, these learning sessions may be shortened or lengthened as specified in the IEP.  In addition, services are flexible to accommodate parent work schedules and youth accessibility.

Core Features

  • Development of educational goals and objectives

  • Progress notes and other necessary documentation on each individual child

  • Direct services to the students (at least 3 hours per week)

  • Participation in IEP‑Team Meetings and Due Process Hearings

  • Liaison with principals, teachers, and parents

  • Writing of closing reports

  • Recommendation and/or design of adaptive instructional materials

  • Communication with school personnel as educationally necessary

  • Assistance with staff development, targeted to contracted students

  • Provide consumable educational materials

  • Provide progress reports for each student, every six weeks

Genesis Homebound Educational Services can only accept students that are referred by the county public and charter school systems within Middle Tennessee with whom we contract.  Genesis Learning Centers does not offer private tuition services.

Other Schools

Genesis Academy

Rutherford Academy

Rutherford Teen Learning Center

Montgomery Teen Learning Center


Contact Info

Program Manager: Chuck Goon
Phone: 615-832-4222
Fax: 615-225-6085