Welcome to Genesis Learning Centers!

Welcome to Genesis Learning Centers and thank you for your interest in our services and programs. Our specialty is providing therapeutic schools and services for children and adolescents who are experiencing intense emotional, behavioral, developmental, and learning challenges or difficulties.

As a non-profit agency since 1984, we are proud to call Nashville and the communities of Middle Tennessee our home as we strive to meet the needs of our unique and exceptional students. It is our dedicated purpose to see that each of our students can know and demonstrate that they are able to learn new things; they are in control of their own emotions and behaviors; and each one of them is a positive, capable individual who has the potential to be a happy, successful family and community member.


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Our Students

Genesis students are precious gifts for the future. We have been chosen to be the bearers of these prized possessions they are placed in our care for us to nurture, cherish, and protect. Our students have faced a multitude of personal challenges, we offer them a "genesis", a new beginning.


Our Careers

Working at Genesis Learning Centers is a rewarding experience for any dedicated educator with a passion for helping special needs children and youth. Located in rapidly growing Middle Tennessee area, it is through our personally committed staff that we strive for excellence.