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We Believe:

Our students are precious gifts for the future. We have been chosen to be the bearers of these prized possessions they are placed in our care for us to nurture, cherish, and protect.

To our Students:

On behalf of the staff and your fellow students of Genesis Learning Centers we want to welcome you.  We are very pleased that you are able to attend our School Program.  Some of you are new students, others are returning.  In either case, we are glad you are here.

These unique schools were created to serve young people, like you, who have experienced difficult times in school and/or home.  These difficulties may be related to learning, emotional hardships, and/or behavior problems.  Our goal is to provide you with a positive learning environment to help you grow and become successful in school, work, and home.  By the end of the school year, we want you to know that you are able to learn new things, that you can control your behaviors, that you are a positive, capable person who has potential to become a successful, happy person.

Our programs have three components:


First, we work on your academic skills.  You may be behind in some school work, so we will work on building your basic skills.  This will give you a stronger foundation to keep learning.  Or  you are right on track and we will be focusing on a high school diploma.  As a part of our academic program, for older students, we offer assistance in job placement and vocational readiness.

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs

Our second aspect relates to your social and behavioral abilities.  Our program centers on a structured, positive setting.  You will be given every opportunity to earn privileges and rewards.  However, inappropriate behavior will also be dealt with directly and immediately.  The idea is to teach you ways to meet your personal goals in a positive way, rather than meeting failure and rejection because you approached a problem in the wrong way.  Focus will be placed on meeting goals and constructive problem solving skills.  We will assist you in identifying your feelings and help you find positive outlets to express these feelings.


The third component is our commitment to your family.  We will be keeping your family informed of your progress and any issues that may arise.  We work closely with the family to help with problems at home, as well as, at school.  It is very important for your family to be a part of your school program.  By communicating with them on a regular basis we can help you learn to deal with difficulties in a variety of places.  It is also important for your family to know about your progress and good behavior.  For example, we send a weekly progress report home every Friday.

The following pages outline our rules and programs for our students.  Please review this booklet carefully with your family.  You are expected to follow these guidelines at all times.  Should you have any questions, please ask.

Again, we are glad you are here and want you to know our door is always open to you.


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