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Genesis Homebound Education Services
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Program Manager:  Chuck Goon

430 Allied Drive
Nashville, TN  37211

Students who are physically or medically unable to attend class at their community school are served by the Genesis Homebound Program.  After receiving request for homebound schooling, a Homebound Teacher calls the family and schedules the first session within 24 hours after receiving referral information.    The Homebound Teacher visits student for first session within three days of referral and finds out if student needs a current IEP, TN Ready testing, End-of-Course (EOC)  testing, Work Keys for graduation, or Exit Exams for end of semester.

A Homebound student maintains the current class schedule and receives six week grades, but the teacher does not discuss placement or educational issues with parents.

The Homebound Teacher accommodates the family’s schedule as best as possible within reason.

The Homebound Teacher does not go over 3 instructional hours (two 1.5 hour sessions) in a seven day period unless specified in the IEP or approved in advance.

The Homebound Teacher makes sure an approved adult is present for each session.  If the child is 18 years of age, an adult does not have to be present; however, prior approval by the Homebound Director is required in order to provide services.

Re-evaluations will be conducted as requested by the school system. The purpose of these re evaluations is to determine whether services should be continued, the level of services that are required, and their educational necessity.

Direct Services:  The hands-on, student service as specified in each child's IEP involving direct interaction with the homebound teacher and the student. This is provided at the child's home, or other location specified and approved by the school system. All contacts are summarized and documented in the child's IEP.  At the minimum, three hours of instructional service are provided each week. Typically, the instruction takes place in two 1.5 hour sessions. However, given each student's individual needs and capacities, these learning sessions may be shortened or lengthened as specified in the IEP.  In addition, services are flexible to accommodate parent work schedules and youth accessibility.

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