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Being the parent of a child with special or unique needs and difficulties is not easy. There are many worries, fears, and concerns for your child at school, at home, and in the neighborhood. You want your child safe, you want your child to learn, and you want your child to be successful. At Genesis, we want these same things for each of our students, your children…. Because we share this dream, we should not be left alone to educate your child, we need you.

Here are some things that every child needs and wants:Genesis Learning Centers School graduation

  • FUN - Take time to laugh and play and share the wonders of life with me.
  • AFFECTION - Warm hugs will nurture me and make this world a friendlier place.
  • ACCEPTANCE – Accept me for the individual I am, with all my unique gifts and special talents.
  • RESPECT - Treat me like an important and valuable person and I will learn to respect and honor myself and others.
  • PRAISE - Tell me all the things you appreciate about me so I know how wonderful I really am. 
  • SECURITY - Give me boundaries that will allow me to grow safely, feel secure and overcome my fears.
  • HONESTY - Share your real feelings and admit your mistakes to me, so I will learn what it means to be a real person.
  • PATIENCE - Be understanding when I make my own mistakes; remember, even when it does not seem like it, I am trying to do my best.
  • FORGIVENESS - Remind me that nobody is perfect and that it feels much better to forgive than hold a grudge.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT - Support me and be positive as I try new things and I will have the courage to keep exploring.
  • OPENNESS - Listen to me and be open to what you may be able to learn from me.
  • LOVE - If you care for me in all these ways, you will be giving me the best life has to offer.


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