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For over 32 years, Genesis Learning Centers has operated two special education schools with grades K-12:  Genesis Academy in Nashville and Rutherford Academy in Murfreesboro.  We acquired two juvenile court prevention schools in 2003 from a for-profit company that could not afford to keep them open.  These are the Montgomery County and Rutherford County Teen Learning Centers.  Finally, we provide a large portion of the Homebound Educational Services for Metro-Nashville and Rutherford County Public Schools.

We have approximately 220 students enrolled in our state approved school programs and another 60-70 students receiving Homebound Education.   Genesis employs approximately 90  full and part-time staff, plus another 45 sub-contracted Homebound Teachers.  Our annual budget is approximately $4 million a year.

A wise mentor once told me that “Big is not Better, Better is Better."  It isn’t the growth and size of an organization that makes it better, it is how one chooses to manage that agency that makes it better.  For some, expansion is the answer; for us, expansion is just not who we are.  We have all seen that small, family-run, neighborhood restaurant with those unique flavors and menu items expands into a larger setting, and then multiple settings... and the next thing you know, they are out of business because big just wasn’t better.  Why?  Because the personal touch of the founders was lost.  We know several wonderful child therapists who no longer interact directly with kids because they are in large organizations and too far up the management chart.  We don’t ever want Genesis to be so large that any member of the administration is removed from daily interactions with our Genesis kids.

Terry and Melissa Adams founded Genesis Learning Centers over three decades ago with one over-riding goal:  

“Kids are the First Priority” 

We have always wanted and maintained direct involvement with our students on a daily basis.  It is who we are and what gives Genesis its strength.  When a parent or school system has a problem, they don’t need to go through five layers of management to get to where the “the buck stops."  With Genesis, it’s one call and, “Terry or Melissa, I have a problem I need you to help me with.”  If we expand too much, then we lose that personal involvement which got us here in the first place.  We didn’t start Genesis to become monetarily wealthy, we started it to become spiritually enriched through the children we serve.  Sometimes a student will ask, “Mr. Terry, you’re rich, aren’t you?”  And the answer is always the same, “I have a roof over my head, two wonderful sons, a loving wife, Genesis, and YOU...yeah, I’m rich.”         


Genesis Learning Centers, with its affiliated programs, is a non-profit corporation with tax exemption.  All gifts and contributions may be considered as charitable items for IRS tax purposes.  Your canceled check or cash receipt, along with this letter, documents your contribution for the Internal Revenue Service. Genesis Learning Centers does not assign value to any donated items.  All tax deductions must be determined by the donor and the Internal Revenue Service.

We are different when it comes to raising money.  Mind you, we don’t refuse offers, but we don’t have big annual events and drives.  Our philosophy from day one has been that if we are going to contract with a school system for x dollars, then we should be good stewards of those tax dollars.  We should be able to do the job we say we can do for that amount. 

  • Charitable, tax-deductible donations are always welcome at Genesis, and may be sent to:  Genesis Learning Centers, 430 Allied Drive, Nashville, TN  37211

Or call to discuss your ideas directly with Executive Director Terry Adams at 615-832-4222.

Monies are currently needed to support the following programming at Genesis:

  •      Computer Systems and Technology Development
  •      Library and Reading-Is-Fun Resources
  •      Playground and Exercise Equipment
  •      Birthday Fund for Students

Funding for our academies and Homebound services is through direct competitive contracts with the local public school systems.  We have our core contracts with Davidson and Rutherford Counties, but during any given school year we contract with up to 17 school districts within Middle Tennessee.  Our two teen learning centers are funded with Juvenile Prevention Grants from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.


We have a volunteer board of directors made up of community members.  Our board meets four times a year and is always available for consultation.  Unlike most non-profits, we do not fund raise or ask our board for monetary contributions.  This is contrary to all the non-profit books, but it works for us.  We want our board members’ guidance, expertise and advice.  They are always available to answer a question or review a lease, or make a budgeting suggestion.  (See their contact information the “GLC Board of Directors” tab on this page.)


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